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Bishopp Outdoor Advertising is your Queensland billboard specialist. We reach a huge number of Queenslanders daily through our 2500+ metropolitan, regional and rural billboard sites across the state. When it comes to billboard advertising in Queensland, Bishopp truly has you covered.

Billboards Rockhampton 2
12 Metres
3 Metres
Digital Billboards

Digital sites represent a dynamic and targeted advertising offering. They are positioned in highly visible, heavy traffic locations. This format offers the strength of a large-format static sign, which can be selective and reactive with the creative content. Bishopp has both portrait and landscape digital formats available in iconic locations across the regions. When combined with other advertising formats, digital improves your overall campaigns' return on investment. Learn more about Digital Billboards

Key benefits

Maximum visibility
High impact out of home advertising
Flexible and time-sensitive
Creates deeper engagement
Synergistically enhances ROI


Key Intersections
Main Arterials
Iconic Locations
12.66 Metres
3.35 Metres

Supersites are placed in urban, metropolitan and high-speed locations to elevate brands and catch the attention of the most significant number of potential customers. Supersites are an extra-large format that combines size and scale to offer maximum visibility and exposure. These 12.66m high and 3.35m wide billboards provide prime real estate for your brand’s campaign and are an industry-standard size.

Key benefits

Maximum visibility
High demand
Industry-standard sizing
Access multiple market segments


Main Arterials
Local Roads
Billboards Maryborough
6 Metres
3 Metres
Classic 6 x 3 Roadside

The vast majority of the Bishopp inventory is represented by 6 x 3 metre billboards. This format is commonly featured in both metropolitan and regional areas and across Queensland’s highways. This format represents a cost-effective advertising solution for local and national advertisers, providing maximum visibility and exposure.

Key benefits

Maximum visibility & exposure
Cost-effective OOH advertising
Industry-standard sizing
Perfect for local area advertising
Suitable for branding campaigns


Main Arterials
Local Roads
8.3 Metres
2.2 Metres
Super 8 Billboards

Super 8’s are generally located in high profile metropolitan, urban localities and retail sectors, where a supersite cannot be physically installed. These signs are proportionally the same ratio as a supersite and represent cost-effective exposure.

Key benefits

Maximum exposure
High traffic areas
Cost effective
Perfect for building brands
Great for localised messaging


High Profile Metro Areas
Main Roads
Shopping Centres
8 Reasons You Need A Billboard

Here's why billboard and out of home advertising is a smarter choice for your business.

Reach real audiences when they are most alert and receptive to your messaging. Billboards deliver highly targeted, contextually relevant messaging based on location, demographics, consumer behaviour, and biometric research. Increase your reach and frequency, and encourage in-store and online sales.

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ROI when OOH is paired with other media



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