Outdoor industry amplifies ‘Light up the dawn’ with RSL

The Outdoor Media Association (OMA) and Bishopp has today announced its support of the RSL nationwide ANZAC initiative ‘Light up the dawn’ to broadcast on digital signs, including 10 of Bishopp’s digitals, throughout Australia. The ANZAC initiative ‘Light up the dawn’ asks the public to pledge their involvement in a 6am at-home vigil that will replace the traditional march that has been cancelled due to COVID-19.

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RSL Queensland State President Tony Ferris said, “This year Anzac Day will be different, and we want every Australian to have an opportunity to take part in this important national moment of appreciation for service people past and present. The qualities evoked by the ANZAC spirit – ingenuity, humour, endurance, courage and mateship – are more important now more than ever.”

OMA CEO Charmaine Moldrich said, “We applaud RSL Queensland for bringing this inspired idea to life. With ANZAC Day services, events and parades cancelled, Australia needs a beautiful gesture like this to galvanise us to celebrate and commemorate the ANZAC spirit. OMA members are honoured to be part of these efforts, using our digital network of screens to do what we do best: get the word out for a momentous event that will bring us together.”

‘Light up the dawn’ takes place on the 25th of April at 6am and includes a commemorative service which will stream from the RSL ANZAC Spirit website and on participating radio stations. When Australians pledge their place on the RSL website, they can download a flyer and place it in their neighbour’s letter box to get their whole community involved, making it easy to spread the word. The campaign encourages people to stand on their driveway, balcony, or even in their living room and be united in the spirit of the ANZACs.

“Even though we cannot stand shoulder to shoulder on ANZAC day, by lighting up the dawn we can honour the sacrifices of those who have served, and showcase the tenacity of Australians,” concluded Moldrich.

“When Australians sign up and pledge themselves through the RSL website to ‘Light up the dawn’ they are making history alongside their fellow Australians and taking part in an historic event, to remember all those who have served and sacrificed,” concluded Ferris.

Visit www.rslanzacspirit.com.au to pledge yourself to the event and for more information.

ANZAC initiative 'Light up the dawn', Bishopp Outdoor Advertising, Ipswich Billboards, ANZAC Day 2020, Covid-19 Anzac Day