Jetstar announces direct flights from Melbourne to Hervey Bay

Jetstar has announced the first ever direct flights from Melbourne (Tullamarine) to Hervey Bay in southern Queensland, providing Melburnians the opportunity to explore the pristine coastal city and boosting tourism across the Fraser Coast region.

Taking off from 20 June 2024 and launched in partnership with Fraser Coast Regional Council, the three-per-week service will carry up to 1,100 customers each week between the two cities.

Jetstar already operates four flights per week between Sydney and Hervey Bay, and once the Melbourne service begins, it will carry up to 3,800 customers each week across the two routes.

Unlocking Hervey Bay’s Hidden Charms: A Message from Jetstar’s Executive Manager, Customer, Jenn Armor

Jetstar’s Executive Manager, Customer, Jenn Armor said Hervey Bay is a largely undiscovered holiday destination for Victorians given there have never been direct flights.

“We know Melburnians love exploring Queensland, and with the strong demand we’ve seen for Hervey Bay out of Sydney, we’re expecting these new flights to be extremely popular.

“Often referred to as the whale watching capital of the world, the Fraser Coast region offers beautiful beaches with calm waters, perfect for family getaways.

“We’re excited to be able to provide a low-cost connection to this beautiful region in time for the mid-year school holidays, which in turn will boost local jobs and support tourism.”

Fraser Coast Mayor, George Seymour said having three direct flights between Hervey Bay and Melbourne every week was fantastic news for the Fraser Coast.

“Many residents have moved to Hervey Bay from Victoria, and these direct flights will help families and friends stay connected. It will mean grandparents seeing their grandchildren more often, for example.

“These flights will also be a huge boost for our tourism industry. It will open the door for more people to discover the world heritage listed K’gari (Fraser Island), the best whale watching in the world and all the other fantastic attractions and experiences we have here on the Fraser Coast.”

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