What is OOH Advertising?

Out-of-home (OOH) advertising refers to any advertising that reaches the consumer while they are outside their homes. At Bishopp, we specialize in large-format roadside and airport advertising, with both classic faces and digital screens.

OOH is a broad category of advertising that includes a variety of formats and mediums designed to reach people when they are on the go. Known for its ability to provide exposure in high-traffic areas and to a diverse audience, out of home is an important medium to include when considering your marketing strategy because it truly is unmissable. In fact, in the past 10 years classic and digital out-of-home audiences have grown by 30% (OMA, 2023).

Why use OOH advertising?

Out-of-home advertising is the #1 medium for brand awareness, with the power to capture the attention of audiences and leave a lasting impression. Billboards are a versatile and impactful way for businesses and organizations to promote their products, services, or messages to a wide and varied audience.

What is OOH advertising


Out-of-home advertising offers several advantages:

High Visibility: OOH advertising targets people outside their homes where they are more likely to notice and engage with the message. According to the Outdoor Media Association, 82% of people are out of home each day and are making an average of 5 trips between destinations per day.

Broad Reach: Advertisements in public spaces can reach a diverse audience, making it suitable for mass communication. At Bishopp, we understand the nuances of billboard audience measurement and how to strike the right balance between reach and frequency for your advertising campaigns, ensuring they resonate with your unique goals. Learn more about billboard reach and frequency here.

24/7 Exposure: You can’t turn off a classic billboard. Some forms of OOH advertising, such as billboards and digital displays, provide continuous exposure to a message. While TVs and radios can be switched off and online targeted advertising can be blocked, a classic billboard will be seen around the clock.

Complement to Other Media: OOH advertising can be used in conjunction with other advertising channels, reinforcing the overall marketing campaign. There a numerous reasons why billboard advertising is a fantastic addition to the multichannel marketing mix including expanded reach, better engagement and improved brand recognition.

Local Targeting: Advertisers can strategically place OOH ads in specific geographic locations to target local audiences. Our account executives know how their communities move and know the best ad placements for their clients. Our billboards are strategically positioned to ensure maximum exposure and impact.

Some of the main OOH mediums are:

Billboards: Large outdoor boards typically placed along highways, busy streets, or in high-visibility areas. They can feature static images or digital displays.

Transit Advertising: Advertisements on public transportation vehicles (buses, trains, subways, etc.) or at transportation hubs like bus stops and train stations.

Street Furniture: Advertisements on objects such as bus shelters, benches, kiosks, and phone booths located in public spaces.

Guerrilla Marketing: Unconventional and often unexpected advertising campaigns that aim to create a memorable and shareable experience in public spaces.

Event Sponsorship: Involves sponsoring or placing advertisements at events, concerts, sports games, and other live gatherings.

To learn more about the benefits of out of home advertising with Bishopp, reach out to our team today.