Merrimac Gold Coast: New Supersite Billboard launches on Gooding Drive

Attracting more than 10 million visitors a year, the bustling Gold Coast has just received a brand new, double-sided Supersite billboard on Gooding Drive in Merrimac!

This illuminated site was manufactured and installed by the Bishopp team on Tuesday 12th November, and it actively captures two-lane traffic travelling in both directions to and from Broadbeach, and the ever-popular Pacific Fair Shopping Centre.

Famous for its surf beaches and incredible retail and food outlets, the Gold Coast is well known as Australia’s tourist capital. This new site in Merrimac gives brands the perfect opportunity to reach and engage with long-term travellers, locals and overnight visitors alike – and let’s not forget those travelling for work and business!

“Bishopp has always had a mission to support the building of sustainable businesses in our local communities. We’re incredibly excited that our new Merrimac Supersite is accessible to brands in almost any category, allowing SME and large brands alike to put their best campaigns forward to engage with both locals and visitors “, said Dominic Lis, Director of Sales.

Merrimac Supersite Bishopp Outdoor Advertising

Why advertise your brand on a Gold Coast billboard?

Independent research shows that a mammoth 90% of all travellers notice out-of-home ads every month.

Here are some other key facts and stats by research firm Nielsen proving that out-of-home advertising works:

  • 67% of people average 4 hours and 33 minutes out-of-home during working hours
  • 90% of local area residents aged 16+ years notices OOH advertising every week
  • 66% of smartphone users take action after seeing a billboard ad
  • 23% talk about ads they see on billboards with others in their social circles
  • 39% of people act on directional billboards, going in-store after seeing the ad, and a massive 74% make a purchase.

Did you know?

Bishopp also currently manages promotional assets located within the ultra-busy Gold Coast Airport in stunning Coolangatta. Presenting more than 65 individual advertising opportunities, your brand can reach 6.4+ million annual passengers, as they travel to and from more than 20 different destinations. Why not consider combining airport advertising with a Merrimac Supersite to maximise your exposure this summer?

Bishopp Supersite billboards are 12.59 x 3.28M in size and offer prime real estate for your brand’s campaign to reach the greatest number of potential customers possible. This is great news considering the Gold Coast’s primary mode of transport is still private cars and the average number of passengers in a car is 3!

If you would like more information…

Please contact our friendly team online here, or call +61 7 3552 5600 for more information or a quote to advertise on this compelling new Gold Coast site.

Merrimac Supersite Bishopp Outdoor Advertising