Bishopp Transforms Broome Airport Advertising

Bishopp Outdoor Advertising is proud to announce the completion of a transformative project at Broome International Airport. In a strategic partnership with the airport, we have modernized and enhanced the airport’s billboard assets, introducing Custom Lit Fabric Displays, Double Sided Bag Belt LCDs, Bag Belt Fabric Lit Displays and a 9.6m x 2.7m Video Wall with a cutting-edge digital screen that promise to revolutionize advertising in this dynamic travel hub.

The airport now has 22 advertising opportunities, each strategically placed in commanding, high dwell-time locations to ensure maximum exposure to passengers on their journey through the airport. Whether targeting arriving or departing passengers, the new billboard assets provide exposure across the whole airport terminal.

Bishopp Outdoor Advertising Broome International Airport LFD Screen

Broome International Airport Digital Screen

Broome International Airport is a key gateway into the Kimberleys and northwestern Australia, with over 37,000 passengers passing through each month from ten destinations on over 58 flights. With an average dwell time of over an hour, airport advertising offers a unique opportunity for brands to create memorable experiences for travellers. In fact, studies show that 79% of Frequent Flyers are open to trying new products at the airport. You can learn more about the benefits of airport advertising here.

To learn more about Bishopp’s airport advertising programs in Broome, or any of our 23 locations across Australia and New Zealand, reach out today on (07) 3552 5600 or via our online enquiry form.

Broome International Airport Bag Claim Digital Billboard

Broome Airport Bag Claim Billboards