Bonza Announces New Route Between Sunshine Coast and Coffs Harbour

Australia’s newest airline, Bonza, continues to increase their flight offerings with the announcement of twice-weekly flights between Coffs Harbour and the Sunshine Coast.

Holiday makers and commuters can now make it from the Big Pineapple to the Big Banana in just over an hour! With more than 38,000 seats available from as low as $49 per person, this new route increases accessibility between two of Australia’s most loved holiday destinations and is projected to have a significant impact on the regional economies.

City of Coffs Harbour General Manager Natalia Cowley said, “With this new direct link to the Sunshine Coast and beyond, we’re potentially welcoming up to half a million new visitors to the Coffs Coast every year, which is going to be great for tourism and fantastic for our community.”

It’s an exciting time for growth for both the Sunshine Coast and Coffs Harbour regions. At Bishopp, we’re proud to work alongside both airports to promote local businesses through our billboard advertising opportunities. If you’re interested in booking advertising space within the Coffs Harbour Airport or Sunshine Coast Airport, contact us today on (07) 3552 5600 or via our contact page.

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