Billboard Construction

Bishopp Billboard Constructions


Bishopp Billboard Constructions is the construction arm of Bishopp Outdoor Advertising. All Bishopp structures are designed in house and constructed by our qualified, professional team. Bishopp Billboard Constructions is QBCC licenced under licence number 1139753.

Design and Engineering

A collaborative approach to design ensures safety, practicality and aesthetics of the completed billboard structures. Management, the construction team, installers and the property owner are consulted for input on site specific design requirements. Each site is carefully assessed in terms of footing design, pylon placement, the surrounding environment and sight lines. Bishopp works closely with various drafting contractors to produce digital 3D models of new designs. This method of design allows any issues or complications to be identified early and corrected prior to fabrication or construction commencing.

3D model


Between our construction team members, we hold over 50 years of commercial construction experience. Establishing a site, preparing the footings, building the upper assembly and lifting it into place is managed by our competent crew who are aptly skilled to do so.


Private Jobs

Bishopp Billboard Constructions are also regularly engaged to carry out private jobs; from the erection of temporary hoarding, to complete Supersite structures managed by other outdoor companies.

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Safety and Quality

All Bishopp billboards are built to Australian Standards and certified by a Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland (RPEQ) engineer. Safety on our construction sites is paramount. All staff hold the relevant tickets, qualifications and attend regular training sessions depending on their field of expertise. Bishopp prides itself on delivering quality products with a high level of professionalism without compromising safety. Bishopp holds all relevant approval documentation for roadside and rail corridor works, including Department of Transport and Main Roads (DTMR) road corridor permits and Queensland Rail rail access cards.


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