3 ways to boost your billboard campaign in Australia

Aussies love to get out and about, with almost 70% of all adults driving to and from work each day. That’s an incredible 7,500,000 people driving to work every day, checking out billboards on their journey. Public transport routes also take over 1.2 million Australians to work daily. So with the work commute alone seeing close to nine million people out and about, the reach of billboard advertising is enormous.

It is no secret that billboards are excellent mediums to promote your brand and introduce potential customers to your most compelling offer. However, out-of-home advertising should never be a ‘set and forget’ event for your business. It is recommended you should regularly change your creative to keep ideas and communications with potential customers in your area both fresh, exciting and memorable.

Whether your campaign is on a roadside billboard or in an Australian airport, the success of your overall campaign comes down to innovative marketing and promotion.


So, what can you do to inspire customers to consider your brand when making their next purchase decision?

There are literally hundreds of unique things you could do with a billboard campaign to boost uptake in your target market. However, to keep things simple, we have outlined 3 things you can do that are relatively straightforward to get you started, no matter the size of your business.


Refresh your billboard artwork

When you think about your own advertising consumer experience, you’ll probably realise that to be inspired by a message you are drawn in by emotion and brand recall there for leading to your consideration to purchase. Consumers are likely to see many billboards each week, so making your billboard stand out from the crowd is imperative. Your campaign should entice a consumer to pay attention to you through recall and emotion, if not they probably won’t remember your ad. If a local or regional competitor is making waves in your sector, it would also be prudent to review your creative to maintain your branding position.

As a general rule, if your current artwork isn’t driving customers to your website or in-store, then it’s time to update it. For most mid-range campaigns, if you update your artwork on a 6-monthly basis, you are probably on track to keeping your customers engaged and excited. Whether a classic 6 x 3m billboard or a high-impact digital campaign, ensure your advertising is as effective as it can be. You can do this by revisiting your creative assets and messaging to ensure your campaign reflects the changes in your customer landscape.

Your billboard provider should be able to help you with this, and creative design is something we take great pride in here at Bishopp.

A billboard is an ideal medium to stand out, be bold, and truly be different. Aim to look like your own, confident brand up there on the big sign! At the same time, don’t drown your message’s hook in convoluted advertising puns or cliche humour. Instead, be concise, smart and clear.


Use a solid promotional hook or offer

With only a few seconds to get your message across to your billboard audience, you need to think about what you want from them. What do you want them to do, and what will grab their interest quickly? Then, use this hook across your other advertising mediums – website, digital, and print to hammer home that offer. (Remember, on average, it takes a minimum of five brand interactions before a customer enters your sales funnel.)

So be bright and bold with a firm offer.


Connect up a digital advertising campaign

According to Facebook’s 2019 report, a mixed-media approach of Facebook and Out of Home advertising can increase your campaign’s return on investment by over 15% on a single-channel campaign result. In addition, out of home advertising has been shown to deliver 4x more online activity per dollar spent than TV, Radio and Print. So combining social media with outdoors has a multiplier effect.

For many products and services, this can mean a huge improvement in the uptake rate of a campaign. In addition, the ability to reach your customers at various stages of their customer journey through the combined strategy will drive additional revenue to your bottom line.

The true power of combining Billboards with other advertising mediums (particularly digital) leads to long-term customers who know, understand and relate to your brand’s values. Your billboard and digital creative should drive attention to your brand’s ability to solve a problem or offer information to help move the customer to the next buyer journey stage. You must convince them that your solution is right for them and provide a simple path to complete the transaction. 40% of people believe that a Billboard is an effective way for advertisers to reach them. So make sure your creative stands out, your message is clear and you use other mechanisms to drive home the offer.

To make this happen, consider how a remarketing campaign might work. Once potential customers visit your website, using the same or similar creative from your billboards might work to continue telling your story. Keep them engaged, track them around the internet, and develop a great sense of rapport in the digital space and face-to-face! As the campaign reaches maturity, consider updating your billboards, adding in additional locations, or regional assets to expand campaigns when they are doing well.


Make An Impact

Attention and memory encoding are heightened when people are outdoors, being 2.5 times more alert and receptive to messaging. With 96% of Australians exposed to outdoor advertising every week, Billboards certainly make an impact.

For more great ideas on boosting your billboard campaign, contact our team at Bishopp Outdoor Advertising in Brisbane on 07 3552 5600 or contact us here.