Market research continuously proves the obvious: a person needs to know you, your reputation, and your product or service before they’re willing to make a purchase or engage with your business.

But how do you reach these people with the frequency it takes to build familiarity and trust?

Billboard advertising is the perfect medium for reaching a larger audience on a daily basis. With people spending less time at home, traditional media like print, TV, and radio’s reach is declining.

Billboards form part of the landscape. You can’t turn them over or switch them off; and when outdoors, people have a higher absorption and recall of advertising messages. In fact, 86% of people agree that outdoor advertising makes brands and products stand out!

Bishopp has access to a range of data source tools to delve into the habits of your target market – where they shop, where they travel and how they spend money. This allows us to build you a campaign around who you are trying to target, and what you’re trying to achieve.

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Advantages of billboards - More Alert

9 OUT OF 10

People are exposed to OOH media every day

Advantages of billboards - More Alert


People are 33% more alert when out of home



Advantages of billboards - More Alert


86% of people agree that OOH makes brands stand out

Advantages of billboards - More Alert


Increases the ROI of other media when you include them in the mix