Hobart Airport Asset Upgrades Begin

We are excited to announce that upgrades to Hobart Airport have begun, with the installation of a network of six executive digital displays and two new bag belt classic displays. These asset upgrades are the first phase of a premium program designed to match the standard of Hobart Airport’s forthcoming terminal upgrade.

Bishopp Executive at Hobart Airport

The executive network will provide exposure across the entire airport, with high-quality digital displays that are guaranteed to reach all passengers on their journey through the airport.

The classic collect units are strategically placed on the domestic and international bag claims, giving advertisers exposure to both national and international passengers to ensure a diverse and engaged audience.

The new assets reflect Bishopp’s comprehensive approach to airport advertising, guaranteeing that advertisers will effectively connect with a broad spectrum of customers, including domestic and international tourists, as well as frequent business travellers.

Bishopp Fabric Display Billboard at Hobart Airport

The strategic positioning of these new assets ensures that brands will capture the undivided attention of travellers throughout their airport journey. This innovative approach brings brands to life through captivating visuals and compelling messages, leaving a lasting impression on every traveller.

To learn more about advertising in Hobart Airport, reach out today via our website or on (07) 3552 5600.