Bishopp lights up the Ipswich CBD


Ipswich Digital Billboard, Bishopp Group, Bishopp Outdoor Advertising

Something big happened in Ipswich yesterday.

On the 2nd of November, Bishopp launched the city’s first digital billboard at the gateway to the CBD.  Bishopp’s newest digital asset also delivers on a partnership with Ipswich City Council that will see a landmark public art addition to East Street and provide community messaging for news and events.

You can view the state of the art LED billboard at the Ipswich Corporate Centre on East Street. We were joined by local news ‘The Queensland Times’ to cover the unveiling of the digital billboard. The billboard itself contains three lighting sensors so it will automatically adjust to the conditions and the time of day, turning into “sleep mode” from 11pm to 5am.

“Council has been working cooperatively with us for a long time working on the offering for the business community” said Bishopp Director of Strategies Nick McAlpine. “We’re very buoyant about the Ipswich economy so the timing was right for us to invest in this billboard.”

“Part of the agreement is that we dedicate at least 10% of the display to community events and news. The advantage of these is of course you can change the content within half an hour. Police alerts, amber alerts if a kid goes missing, we can put those messages up very quickly. It becomes a very powerful tool to communicate with residents.”

With estimates of around 33,000 vehicles a day crossing the David Trumpy Bridge, it is believed to be the busiest road in Ipswich. If you estimate 1.5 people per vehicle, that’s around 50,000 people who cross the bridge between North Ipswich and the CBD*.

As part of Bishopp’s partnership with Ipswich City Council, we will also be delivering a new public art mural to compliment the digital addition to the Ipswich CBD.

The public mural, to be painted by Brisbane-based artist, Adam Busby will be showcased along the entire length of the rail overpass and will “give back” to the local community and help promote active transport in Ipswich.

“We’re proud to support this public art initiative, in partnership with Council and First Coat Studios, to help enliven the Ipswich CBD and we look forward to the vision coming to life in the next few weeks.”

*Source: The Queensland Times