Wicked Campers (Getty Images)

Advertising Regulation Success with Wicked Campers

Nine months after our CEO, Brad Bishopp, made a public suggestion to Wicked Campers to “get out of the gutter”, Queensland parliament passed legislation that will mean operators that refuse to remove inappropriate words or pictures within 14 days will have their vehicles deregistered. Deputy Premier Jackie Trad said the move “essentially put Wicked Campers on notice”.

Due to the fact that this legislation only covers vans registered in Queensland, Ms. Trad phoned Brisbane-based Wicked Campers’ founder and owner John Webb and said that he’s given her assurances that he is committed to remove the slogans on the vans over the next few months.

Brad Bishopp’s statement “these slogans have no place in the public domain” rings true and the public have made sure this is reflected in the ruling. Bishopp is not one to shy away from rejecting offensive material and we will continue to do so and continue to drive public awareness about these kinds of issues.

It may have taken a while, but the result of the public outcry has been nothing short of a success.

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Image: Getty Images