Why Choose Billboards?

Outdoor advertising is perfect for reaching a larger audience on a daily basis. With more people spending less time at home, traditional media like radio, magazines, TV and newspapers mean audience reach is declining and billboards are are proving to be more effective.

Outdoor advertising provides incredible branding power that can be taken from the street right through to retail points-of-purchase.The Outdoor Media Association states that using a brand icon in an Outdoor advertising space makes it 40% more memorable than not using a brand icon, and no other medium can turn a product or service into a brand as cost-effectively as Outdoor.

The Bishopp ROI Pyramid illustrates the powerful statistic that Outdoor is #1 in terms of brand awareness and consideration and comparatively, it is the stand-out performer in terms of getting your brand noticed.

ROI Pyramid for outdoor billboard brand awareness

Made You Look!

Billboards are larger than life, big, bold and demand the audience’s attention. Digital application of your artwork allows for unlimited creativity and a professional finish.

No Competition

Most other forms of media place your message alongside other advertisers; with billboards you have a captive audience viewing only your message.

Reach Your Target

Billboards are often the last advertisement viewed before the point of purchase and often give much needed directional aid to travellers entering an unfamiliar area.

Reinforce Your Message

Billboards regularly provide multiple daily impressions per person every day to strategically compliment your other media exposure.

Stretch Your Advertising Budget

Where other media provides only 30 seconds of exposure, billboards offer long term, 24 hour, 7 days a week message visibility. No matter what the size of business, billboard advertising provides a cost effective solution.

Reach The Whole Population

Billboard advertising is the last true form of broadcast media. There is no other media with better reach. By using billboards, the commuting population – regardless of their reason for being on the road – becomes your audience.

8 Reasons you need a billboard | Bishopp Outdoor Advertising on Vimeo.