Bishopp Outdoor Advertising are your Queensland billboard specialists. We reach a huge number of Queenslanders through our 800+ metro and regional billboard sites across the state. We offer several format options including traditional 6mx3m roadside billboards to modern digital billboards to maximise your advertising effectiveness.

We truly have Queensland covered when it comes to your billboard advertising needs.

Format Options

Bishopp Outdoor Advertising Queensland's Premier Billboards


Width: 12.66m Height: 3.35m
Supersites are placed in urban, metropolitan and high speed locations. This format is the largest offering within the Bishopp range. Supersites are an extra-large format and offer maximum visibility and exposure. Supersite billboards are an industry standard size.

Bishopp Outdoor Advertising Queensland's Premier Billboards

Traditional Roadside

Width: 6m Height: 3m
The vast majority of the Bishopp inventory is represented by 6 x 3 billboards. This format is commonly featured in both metropolitan and regional areas and across Queensland’s highways. This format represents a cost effective advertising solution for local and national advertisers, providing maximum visibility and exposure.

Bishopp Outdoor Advertising Queensland's Premier Billboards

Super 8

Width: 8.3m Height 2.2m
Super 8’s are generally located in high profile metropolitan, urban localities and retail sectors, where a supersite cannot be physically installed. These signs are proportionally the same ratio as a supersite and represent cost effective exposure.

Bishopp Outdoor Advertising Queensland's Premier Billboards


Width: 6m Height 3m
Tri-Vision signs are a billboard with multiple rotating faces. The unique rotation of the faces attracts attention to the billboard and advertisement. These signs typically have a 6 x 3m display area, across 3 separate faces. The internal motor rotates a triangular prism every few seconds to display a different advertiser. Tri-Vision billboards are used in CBD locations where traffic flow is dense and slow moving.

Bishopp Outdoor Advertising Queensland's Premier Billboards


Wallspaces is specific street signage located in prime Brisbane CBD.
This signage delivers high, unmissable exposure for the Brisbane advertiser.

Bishopp Outdoor Advertising Queensland's Premier Billboards


Width: 5.76m Height: 8.64m (Ann Street, Brisbane)
Width: 3.36m Height: 5.12m (Toowoomba)
Width: 5.76m Height: 2.88m (Bundaberg – COMING LATE FEBRUARY 2017)

The latest offering within the Bishopp inventory, digital sites, represent a dynamic and targeted advertising offering. This format offers the strength of a large format static sign, with the ability to be selective and reactive with the creative content.

Digital Share Of Voice (SOV)

Digital signage is typically sold using a ‘share of voice’ model. The SOV model provides clarity and surety of delivery, defining the share of time that an advertiser will receive. This means time can’t be sold twice, by simply ‘adding another spot’. Share of a digital voice can be purchased in allocations of 20%, 15%, 10% or 5%. Purchasing 20% SOV guarantees a display of 20% of commercial airtime each and every hour. This is delivered regardless of the duration of spot, which varies depending on individual sites. This duration is mandated by local authorities based on road safety considerations.