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French Bulldog owner launches billboard campaign in bid to ‘Help Find Frank’

Franklin the French Bulldog was stolen from his Logan Reserve home in Queensland on Saturday February 2nd. The theft occurred on the evening of owner Anna’s Birthday celebrations and follows a spate of other similar incidents in recent weeks.

With demand for the designer breed increasing, so too are backyard breeding practices. French Bulldog puppies are known to be sold in excess of $5000! Anna’s sister Samantha said ”‘He’s a male French Bulldog, which for those that are criminally minded is a money making dream.”

Since Frank’s missing, the sisters have launched the ‘Help Find Frank’ Facebook page, pleading with members of the Brisbane community to keep an eye out for his whereabouts. The page has already amassed over 3300 likes and thousands of additional shares. “Frankie is not just a pet, he’s a member of our family. We will not stop until he is returned” said Anna.

Bishopp’s CEO Brad Bishopp said “When we saw the lengths that Anna and Samantha were going to in order to find Frank, there was no question about whether or not to support the cause. As a family with our own much-loved pets, it’s a timely reminder to only support responsible, registered breeders. We hope that the reach of outdoor media contributes to him being returned safely home.”

In support of the campaign, Bishopp has donated showing on a static billboard in vicinity of Frank’s home and coverage on both the Ipswich digital supersite and Ann Street digital portrait in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley precinct.

To stay up to date with news about Frank, check out the Help Find Frank Facebook page.

4 Tips for Effective Outdoor Advertising

4 Tips for Effective Outdoor Advertising

A creatively-driven, strategic campaign of sharable content is certainly the aim for an effective outdoor advertising campaign. So, while choosing the perfect location for your outdoor campaign, you need to ensure that your message stands out. Here are 4 tips to help you get the results you are looking for with your outdoor advertising dollar.

1. Make your campaign shareable

To really stand out from the competition you need to make sure you are making an impact and your advertisement is sharable. Consider bold marketing strategies with creative digitals, experiential advertising and, with the right mix, your outdoor advertising will be shared on social media. This is a great way to increase reach and engagement with your target audience. If people are willing to talk about and share with others what they have seen, then your advertising generates organic growth for your brand.

2. Consider your location with your objective

If your business is tucked away or difficult for people to find, then potentially a geographically specific billboard with a directional message is for you. If your objective is brand awareness and reach, then consider a rotational billboard campaign where your message rotates to multiple locations for maximum exposure. It’s important to consider both your artwork and the location when designing your Out of Home campaign!

3. Analyse your competition

Before you even begin, you should consider your direct competitors. What are your competitors doing in the same space? Visit their social media sites, see what content is being talked about and shared. Have they integrated their campaigns across various mediums? What does your audience like? What is resonating with consumers? By analysing your competition, your team can devise a strategic campaign, appealing to your audience’s core values. When looking at your campaign, ask yourself – Is your message clear? Is your creative visual enough to turn heads? Will your audience be engaged enough to share or talk about what they have seen?

4. Keep it simple

Outdoor advertising needs a sense of simplicity in that the information needs to be absorbed quickly. Your audience may only have a brief moment to take in your message, so keep your text as limited as possible. Images should tell the story and grab the attention of your customer. Imagery that creatively communicates the core message will also have more chance of being shared and talked about. On point branding, short, simple messaging and consistency across other media channels will combine to create a campaign that gives you the best return on your investment.

If you take on board the above tips for effective use of outdoor advertising, you can make a great addition to your marketing strategy. Have you considered your next Billboard campaign?
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Look up OOH Billboard Campaign

Look Up

‘LOOK UP’, read the words inviting Australians across the country to engage with the world around them.

The text which overlays bright imagery is boldly spread across the faces of over 7000 out of home media assets across Australia. Today, The Outdoor Media Association in collaboration with Glider Media and Dr Fiona Kerr – Neuro Scientist, step forward to reveal the science behind the public movement.

At the heart of the movement is a new report, ‘The Art and Science of Looking’ Up developed by Dr Kerr and Glider Global. Dr Kerr is founder of the NeuroTech Institute and holds qualifications in cognitive neuroscience, complex systems engineering, anthropology and psychology, plus almost 30 years’ experience in industry.

Why should you LOOK UP?

The science is in! Choosing to look up, either out at your surroundings or at each other – has the power to change your body, your work, your life and your community and can actually help you to build new brain!

Engaging the real-world environment and meeting face-to-face is different to meeting virtually. It creates a more personal connection that lasts longer and feels different.

When we interact, we synchronise the social and emotional networks in our brains. This state, which we call interpersonal neural synchronisation (INS), allows us to transfer not just information, but such things as meaning, delight, fear and aspiration.

Advantages of billboards - Made you look
Advantages of billboards - No Competition
Advantages of billboards - Reach Your Target
Advantages of billboards - Made you look
Advantages of billboards - No Competition
Advantages of billboards - Reach Your Target
Advantages of billboards - Made you look
Advantages of billboards - No Competition
Advantages of billboards - Reach Your Target


Dr Kerr said “It seems counter-intuitive to our modern culture that looking up and out seemingly doing nothing could be the most beneficial state for optimising our thinking, but in fact this is our natural way of being or ‘default’ mode if we’re not distracting our brains with technology or pushing it down the rabbit hole of trying to work on a specific task or problem”.

Outdoor Media Association CEO Charmaine Moldrich said “We believe it is a timely and important message that the canvas of outdoor media can amplify. Our signs exist where life happens – the places we live, work, socialise and spend our time, reaching over 90% of the population.”

“Together we’re working to have a positive impact in the public domain, to reconnect people with their surroundings and to each other” said Dr Kerr.

Bishopp is proud to support the initiative with multiple static and digital roadside billboards showing the LOOK UP creative across the state.

For more information and to download the full report, visit or get in touch.

North Ward Digital Billboard

Double digital for Townsville

We’ve welcomed a new addition to our dynamic fleet! Our second digital billboard in Townsville, this time at North Ward has been switched on.

This premium portrait-digital-site sits at traffic lights on the intersection at Warburton Street, reaching an audience of 14,715 vehicles per day travelling inbound to the Strand, Townsville Marina and CBD.

With a bold presence in the community, the new North Ward site’s position allows for visibility on the approach for almost 500m. Bishopp worked with both an architect and the council to come up with a number of design concepts in order to achieve the best result for the site and the community.

Townsville’s out-of-home presence is continuing to grow as the town itself is set to become a Queensland regional powerhouse. In a recent interview with Townsville Bulletin, demographer Bernard Salt explains, “Townsville is forecast to become one of Australia’s fastest-growing cities, reaching a population of 340,000 by 2050”.

A number of local advertisers have already taken advantage of its prominent location. To secure your own spot on this site, get in touch.

Townsville Bulletin

Bishopp partners with Queensland Fire Emergency Services

Bishopp Queensland Fire partnership to deliver for the community

Bishopp continues to grow with an exciting expansion across Queensland Fire Emergency Services (QFES) stations throughout the state. The partnership includes the addition of forty new faces to the Bishopp portfolio in locations from Cairns to Coolangatta.

The agreement includes the acquisition of twenty-three faces, with a further seventeen sites now in our development pipeline.

Bishopp partners with Queensland Fire Emergency Services

The new inventory will provide further reach for Bishopp’s existing and potential clients, but will also benefit the greater community. The revenue collected by QFES from the property rental will fund future upgrades of vehicles, tools and equipment for emergency services.

Bishopp is excited to work in partnership with QFES, and through this agreement will facilitate state-wide community messaging on Bishopp assets, providing a platform for emergency communications.

The existing billboards at QFES Stations will be revitalised via re-badging and upgrades to the structures. The future also looks bright, with applications already being prepared to commence construction of the other new structures.

For more information on QFES billboards or any other locations, get in touch.

CastleGate Law

CastleGate Law : A Case Study

Located on the Sunshine Coast, CastleGate Law is a Legal Practice specialising in conveyancing, family law, estate planning, animal law and debt recovery.
Having undergone internal restructuring and partial-rebrand, Bishopp partnered with CastleGate to develop an innovative Out of Home marketing campaign, re-affirming their brand and further bolstering their place in market.

For the creative component of the campaign, CastleGate’s Legal Practitioner Director – Kate Roberts, wanted to leverage off their existing brand aesthetic and compliment the styling of their logo. Kate commented “I wanted something different from the signage of other law firms”.

Billboards are larger than life, bold and demand the audience’s attention, however It’s important to recognise that they form part of glance media. Consequently, artwork designed for an Out of Home campaign should be treated differently to that of a print or online advertisement. A study found that campaigns with 7 or less words produced on average 1.5 times the recall of 8 or more words^! The core message needs to be simply expressed and easily digested.

Kate was asked to complete a ‘creative brief’, which allowed Bishopp’s creative team to identify CastleGate’s brand positioning, understand the campaign objectives and communicate the company’s points of difference. “We didn’t have hardly any “back and forth” regarding the design of our billboard – this was because you seemed to click straight away on what I wanted, even though I didn’t really know myself! We now use that very artwork on our billboards and (also) other media”, Kate added.

With 87%** of Australians accessing the internet daily, and 88%^^ of us owning a smart phone, it’s clear to see why an online presence is important for any business. Working as a ‘media multiplier’, Out of Home is the most effective offline medium for driving online enquiry*!

With this in mind, CastleGate chose to implement the creative used for their billboard across their social media and website assets. Kate added that she had detected a marked increase in new enquiries to their business and increased traffic to their website since implementing the billboard campaign. “At the time of writing this we have two billboards on the Bruce Highway, one a Supersite. I am receiving at least one text message or email or comment about the billboard every day”.

To learn more about a billboard campaign for your business or the creative services Bishopp offers, get in touch.

^OMA Anatomy of OOH Research, 2014
*Nielsen Online Activation Survey, 2017
^^ Deloitte Mobile Consumer Survey, 2017
** Sensis Social Media Report, 2016

Tanah Merah Supersite Billboard

Tanah Merah Supersites have landed!

The Logan Motorway just got a brand-new addition with Bishopp’s NEW Tanah Merah Supersite billboards!

Located on the busy arterial connecting Ipswich, Brisbane and the Gold Coast, Bishopp’s new double-sided site will pack a punch to passing traffic. Set to feature both local and nation-wide advertisers, the site will provide new exposure for companies looking to reach South-East Queensland metro-demographics.

With an estimated traffic flow of 100,000 vehicles per day, the new double-sided supersite structure will be sure to grab the attention of commuters traveling in both directions; and with the Gateway Extension Motorway set to be completed in 2019, further increasing daily-views are on the horizon!

A busy connection between the Ipswich Motorway, the Gateway Motorway and the Pacific Motorway – look out for this brand new Logan Motorway check point on your next trip.


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Garbutt Digital Hero

Townsville, We’ve Gone Digital!

Today Bishopp launches the newly digitised Garbutt Supersite billboard!

The Garbutt double-faced billboard, located on bustling Woolcock Street, has been a hit since the Townsville Supersite was first launched in March 2017. With such a prominent location, both local and international clients are flocking to secure their spot on the 12-meter wide site.

Garbutt Digital Billboard
Bishopp’s state-of-the-art Digital sites offer a unique opportunity for flexibility in booking dates and the ability to show multiple creative messages, all under the one booking.

The new digital side of the Garbutt site faces traffic heading inbound to the Townsville CBD. The site sees a daily traffic flow of 142,000 vehicles*, taking advantage of the 76.6% of Townsville residents who travel to work by car.
Garbutt Digital Statistics
To be one of the first on this new Garbutt site, or to learn more – get in touch!

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*Statistics Source: Transport and Main Roads traffic data

gladstone hero billboard

Gladstone’s Dynamic Duo Goes Live!

On Monday 5th February, Bishopp launched two state-of-the-art digital billboards adjacent to the Dawson Highway.

The new structures include a 30 square metre portrait billboard and an 18 square metre landscape billboard.

We’ve partnered with the Gladstone Golf Club to secure these prime positions alongside the Dawson Highway – a stretch of road that sees over 2 million vehicles pass by each week!


Each billboard features advanced technology, including multiple sensors that automatically adjust the screen according to the weather conditions and time of day. As with all Bishopp’s digital billboards, advertisers have the opportunity to display different brand messages and are encouraged to rotate multiple pieces of static creative.

Bishopp has been prevalent in the Gladstone region for over 23 years and has over 20 static billboards in the area. We are pleased to be able to give back to the local community, and through working closely with Gladstone Regional Council, are proud to provide 10 per cent of the advertising space for community messages, free-of-charge.

In addition, the billboards will also provide a powerful tool for communication in the event of local emergencies such as bushfires or QPS alerts.

We’re excited to bring new energy to the city centre and an exciting new advertising opportunity for local businesses!

For more information, get in touch.
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Ipswich Digital Billboard, Bishopp Group, Bishopp Outdoor Advertising

Bishopp lights up the Ipswich CBD


Ipswich Digital Billboard, Bishopp Group, Bishopp Outdoor Advertising

Something big happened in Ipswich yesterday.

On the 2nd of November, Bishopp launched the city’s first digital billboard at the gateway to the CBD.  Bishopp’s newest digital asset also delivers on a partnership with Ipswich City Council that will see a landmark public art addition to East Street and provide community messaging for news and events.

You can view the state of the art LED billboard at the Ipswich Corporate Centre on East Street. We were joined by local news ‘The Queensland Times’ to cover the unveiling of the digital billboard. The billboard itself contains three lighting sensors so it will automatically adjust to the conditions and the time of day, turning into “sleep mode” from 11pm to 5am.

“Council has been working cooperatively with us for a long time working on the offering for the business community” said Bishopp Director of Strategies Nick McAlpine. “We’re very buoyant about the Ipswich economy so the timing was right for us to invest in this billboard.”

“Part of the agreement is that we dedicate at least 10% of the display to community events and news. The advantage of these is of course you can change the content within half an hour. Police alerts, amber alerts if a kid goes missing, we can put those messages up very quickly. It becomes a very powerful tool to communicate with residents.”

With estimates of around 33,000 vehicles a day crossing the David Trumpy Bridge, it is believed to be the busiest road in Ipswich. If you estimate 1.5 people per vehicle, that’s around 50,000 people who cross the bridge between North Ipswich and the CBD*.

As part of Bishopp’s partnership with Ipswich City Council, we will also be delivering a new public art mural to compliment the digital addition to the Ipswich CBD.

The public mural, to be painted by Brisbane-based artist, Adam Busby will be showcased along the entire length of the rail overpass and will “give back” to the local community and help promote active transport in Ipswich.

“We’re proud to support this public art initiative, in partnership with Council and First Coat Studios, to help enliven the Ipswich CBD and we look forward to the vision coming to life in the next few weeks.”

*Source: The Queensland Times