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Merrimac Supersite Bishopp Outdoor Advertising

Merrimac Gold Coast: New Supersite Billboard Launches on Gooding Drive

Attracting more than 10 million visitors a year, the bustling Gold Coast has just received a brand new, double-sided Supersite billboard on Gooding Drive in Merrimac!

This illuminated site was manufactured and installed by the Bishopp team on Tuesday 12th November, and it actively captures two-lane traffic travelling in both directions to and from Broadbeach, and the ever-popular Pacific Fair Shopping Centre.

Famous for its surf beaches and incredible retail and food outlets, the Gold Coast is well known as Australia’s tourist capital. This new site in Merrimac gives brands the perfect opportunity to reach and engage with long-term travellers, locals and overnight visitors alike – and let’s not forget those travelling for work and business!

“Bishopp has always had a mission to support the building of sustainable businesses in our local communities. We’re incredibly excited that our new Merrimac Supersite is accessible to brands in almost any category, allowing SME and large brands alike to put their best campaigns forward to engage with both locals and visitors “, said Dominic Lis, Director of Sales.

Merrimac Supersite Bishopp Outdoor Advertising

Why advertise your brand on a Gold Coast billboard?

Independent research shows that a mammoth 90% of all travellers notice out-of-home ads every month.

Here are some other key facts and stats by research firm Nielsen proving that out-of-home advertising works:

  • 67% of people average 4 hours and 33 minutes out-of-home during working hours
  • 90% of local area residents aged 16+ years notices OOH advertising every week
  • 66% of smartphone users take action after seeing a billboard ad
  • 23% talk about ads they see on billboards with others in their social circles
  • 39% of people act on directional billboards, going in-store after seeing the ad, and a massive 74% make a purchase.

Did you know?

Bishopp also currently manages promotional assets located within the ultra-busy Gold Coast Airport in stunning Coolangatta. Presenting more than 65 individual advertising opportunities, your brand can reach 6.4+ million annual passengers, as they travel to and from more than 20 different destinations. Why not consider combining airport advertising with a Merrimac Supersite to maximise your exposure this summer?

Bishopp Supersite billboards are 12.59 x 3.28M in size and offer prime real estate for your brand’s campaign to reach the greatest number of potential customers possible. This is great news considering the Gold Coast’s primary mode of transport is still private cars and the average number of passengers in a car is 3!

If you would like more information…

Please contact our friendly team online here, or call +61 7 3552 5600 for more information or a quote to advertise on this compelling new Gold Coast site.

Merrimac Supersite Bishopp Outdoor Advertising

Ballina Byron Gateway Airport

$6.9 million Ballina Byron Gateway Airport terminal upgrade reaches initial completion

The first stage of a $6.9 million expansion of Ballina Byron Gateway Airport (BBGA) has been completed. The elegant new terminal was built by Woollam Constructions and includes an additional baggage check-in section, and upgraded screening and transit areas. A new plaza space has also been constructed within the terminal’s forecourt to provide an improved set down-pick up area for passengers. The project was jointly funded by the NSW Government and Ballina Shire Council.

Following the terminal’s recent launch by The Hon. Ben Franklin MLC and Ballina Shire Mayor David Wright, Bishopp opened an exclusive collection of 35+ advertising assets located throughout the airport, providing brands of all shapes and sizes unique opportunities to engage with local, interstate and international customers alike.

Regional airports bring unique opportunities

Striving to become Australia’s leading regional airport, BBGA attracts over 500,000 passengers every year and services four main destinations. Within the terminal, passengers can relax with refreshments from the Beach Grill and Salt Bar and the comfortable lounges. The airport is managed by the Ballina Shire Council and is the principal airport for the gorgeous Far North Coast of NSW.

“We are ecstatic to have worked so closely with Ballina Shire Council Airport Management to help bring the airport’s new and improved interior to life. It is an exciting time for the region as increased investments from both the public and private sectors reinforce the already strong local tourism market”, said Brad Bishopp, CEO..

A region known for many things

The region is renowned for its markets and festivals as well, with over 2.5M visitors attending for tourism, music, film, food and wine festivals in the broader area each year. Passengers tend to travel through this airport because of its close proximity to the Ballina CBD (5kms), Byron Bay (25 mins) and the trendy cultures surrounding Lismore (30 mins). Oh, and let’s not forget the beautiful, pristine beaches of Brunswick Heads and Yamba, famous for its delicious, juicy Clarence River prawns!

Surrounded by these famous surf beaches, rivers, rainforests, festivals, hot-air ballooning, whale watching and watersports, your brand can reach and engage passengers from all walks of life as they seek out the sporting, cultural and retail experiences that dot the region.

Did you know that airport passengers are 2.5X more alert^ to your marketing messages within the airport environment than on digital channels? Now in its 26th year of operations, Bishopp’s nine-airport network in Australia (with a further nine airports in New Zealand) allows your brand to target engaged potential customers in multiple regions. If you would like obligation-free information on advertising your brand at the Ballina Byron Gateway Airport, please contact our friendly team by clicking here, or calling 07 3552 5600.

^Outdoor Media Association, 2019.

Special event marketing and advertising using out-of-home billboards

Special Event Advertising | Using Out-of-Home To Promote Your Event

In Australia, promoting your upcoming special event on roadside billboards or within regional airports can be a seriously rewarding advertising channel to find, engage and convert attendees for any style of event.


If the first image that comes to mind when you think of outdoor advertising is a big billboard along a highway, you might be interested to know that Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising is much more than this. It also includes airport advertising, which can give you innovative opportunities to promote your special event anywhere in Australia, whether it’s a gala ball, charity event, conference, seminar or another corporate event.

OOH is well-researched

According to Arbitron National, 58% of people aged 18+ years learn about events they are interested in by seeing it on a billboard. Also, after partnering with trusted research firms Kantar and Accenture, Facebook recently released an independent report which showed that coupling OOH with digital advertising can increase campaign efficiency by 15%. It worked especially well for food and beverage brands, particularly among Millennial and Gen Y customers!

“58% of event marketing participants purchased the marketed product after the event, and 86% of these consumers became regular customers.” – 2012 study from the Event Marketing Institute.


Since outdoor advertising is quite literally part of our daily physical external environment, viewers cannot simply turn it off like television and radio. This means that outdoor advertising campaigns have greater impact on customers over a longer period of time.


OOH signs are generally large in format and have a commanding presence. The best brand campaigns tend to contain just one key message, are creative and expressive. Grabbing the attention of people who might be interested in your event is easy with our larger-than-life digital and static billboards, wall wraps and other OOH formats. Bishopp has locations across Australia and New Zealand, which gives you lots of options to choose from, depending on where your event is being held.

Special event marketing Australia


The Outdoor Media Association performed a study and found that outdoor advertising delivers a higher return on investment compared to all other media categories, and the higher the budget spent on outdoor advertising, the larger the ROI that was generated.


Location is seriously important when it comes to outdoor advertising, because it impacts across all stages of the customer’s path-to-purchase. Research collected by the UK’s Outdoor Media Centre (OMC) shows that outdoor advertising is the medium most frequently seen by shoppers in ‘the last window of influence’ before they make an actual purchase. This means that OOH is influential in helping customers decide what to buy, and this includes event tickets!


With access to 18 airports and 2,500+ advertising opportunities including roadside billboards around Australia, Bishopp can work with you to build a fresh, creative approach to reach potential attendees for your event.

We recently promoted the Dance for Daniel Gala Ball (Daniel Morcombe Foundation) in Townsville, and the event sold out in just a couple of weeks. If you’re interested in learning more about how outdoor advertising can help sell tickets to your next event, contact us for a chat. 

Billboard Campaigns - Bishopp billboard advertising in Queensland

3 Ways to boost your Billboard Campaign in Australia

Aussies love to get out and about with more than two-thirds of all adults driving by private car to and from work each day, with even higher rates in regional Australia. That’s more than 10 million people driving almost every day, checking out billboards on their journey.

It is no secret that billboards by the roadside and in Australian airports are both excellent mediums to promote your brand, to introduce potential customers to your brand or most compelling offer. That said, Out-of-Home advertising should never be a ‘set and forget’ event for your business. We recommend that you regularly change up your creative, to keep ideas and communications with potential customers in your area both fresh, exciting and memorable.

So, what do you do to inspire customers to consider your brand when making their next purchase decision?

There are literally hundreds of unique things you could do when pairing your billboard campaign with other promotional activities to boost uptake in your target audience. Here are three things you can do that are relatively simple, to get you started, no matter the size of your business.

Refresh your billboard artwork

When you think about your own experience as a consumer of advertising every day, you’ll probably realise that, if potential customers are bored with your advertising or offer, they probably won’t buy from you. If your current artwork isn’t driving customers to your website or in-store, then it’s time to update it. For most mid-range campaigns, if you update your artwork on a 6-12 monthly basis, you are probably on track to keeping your customers engaged and excited, which will help them want you to fulfill their consumer desires. This is something your billboard provider should be able to help you with – and creative design is something we take great pride in here at Bishopp.

Also, a great tip is to avoid trying to look like other businesses in your industry – a billboard is the ideal medium to stand out, be bold, break some conventional rules and truly be different. Aim to look like your own, confident brands up there on the big sign! At the same time, don’t drown your message’s hook in convoluted advertising puns or cliche humour. Be concise, smart and clear. 

Use an incredibly strong promotional hook or offer

With only a few seconds to get your message across to your billboard audience, you need to think about what you want from them, what you want them to do, and what will grab their interest quickly? Use this hook across your other advertising mediums – website, digital to hammer home that offer. (Remember, on average it takes a minimum five brand interactions before a customer enters your sales funnel). 

Connect up a digital Facebook advertising campaign

According to a Facebook report (2019), a joint Facebook and Out-of-Home advertising campaign can reward your brand with over 15% greater return on investment (ROI) than a single-channel campaign. For many products and services, this can mean a huge improvement in the uptake rate of a campaign, driving additional revenue into your bottom line and leading to long-term customers that truly know, understand and relate to your brand’s values. Also, consider how a Facebook remarketing campaign, using the same or similar creative from your billboards, might work to continue telling your story, once potential customers visitor your website. Keep them engaged, track them around the internet and develop a great sense of rapport in the digital space, as well as face-to-face! 

For more great ideas on how to boost your billboard campaign, contact our team at Bishopp Outdoor Advertising in Brisbane on 07 3552 5600 or contact us here.

Bishopp airport advertising in Australia

Airport Advertising encourages spending by passengers

Airport advertising has been found to increase passenger spending, a London study finds, with huge percentages reflecting the high-impact that out-of-home advertising can achieve. This is a positive sign for brands advertising to local, national or international travellers at airports around Australia and New Zealand.

This study by the Airport Advertising Media concluded that airport advertising creates a stronger impact among passengers due to a longer dwell time. Dwell time is the amount of time a person spends looking at an advertisement or other communication, actively or passively.

Dwell time and airport advertising encourages spending by travellers

The average total dwell time a passenger spends at a given airport is around 2.5 hours – higher than any other out-of-home environments including rail, roadside vehicle and bus stop. Increasing dwell time brings opportunities for passengers to absorb your message and remember the brand in future, prompting them to think of you first when making that next purchase.

Messaging encouraging retail therapy within the airport space has proven to be effective and it can have direct correlations with specific passenger spending habits:

  • 70% of flyers shop at the airport and are open to sales messaging regarding what to buy
  • An average of 37 minutes is spent whilst shopping in duty free
  • 73% say they always shop at the airport
  • 55% of passengers arrive early to browse in the duty free
  • 70% of passengers do not plan what to buy at airports, but are encouraged to make impulse purchases when prompted
  • 86% of passengers make a purchase in the departure lounge.

Boost your revenue with Airport Advertising

If you want to ensure travelling passengers consider your brand first, contact our team at Bishopp on 07 3552 5600 or enquire online here now.

Gold Coast Airport Advertising

Why advertise your brand outdoors in Spring and Summer?

As the warmer weather sets in each year, Australia’s city, coastal and regional areas all come alive with increased activity as people everywhere choose to spend more time outdoors.


More People Are ‘Looking Up’ While Outside

Marketers have known for a while that out-of-home advertising can deliver increased online activity, though it is perhaps less well-known that looking up and out as you walk around outside, can also have positive impacts on your life and can improve how you synchronise with others as you interact with them in the community. The Outdoor Media Association recently launched the third run of its famous ‘Look Up’ campaign, which inspires Australians everywhere to spend less time looking down at their phones as they wander the streets. The campaign has been a roaring success, with compelling results from Dr. Fiona Kerr’s study.

Out-of-Home Effectiveness Continues to Increase

‘Out-of-home media’ (OOH), which at Bishopp includes both our roadside and airport advertising sites, accounts for more than 20% of each person’s total daily media consumption, and a whopping 86% of people say that outdoor advertising really makes brands stand out for them. According to a recent study by Facebook, OOH can be coupled with Facebook advertising to increase the reach of a marketing campaign by more than 15%, which can reap considerable gains for even quite small brands in regional areas of Australia. For this reason and others, the number and types of brands wanting to advertise their products and services on billboards and signs also continues to increase, according to IbisWorld.

Everyone Gets Active, Including International Travellers

Your Customers Spend More Time Outdoors When It’s Warm

It seems like common sense, but there is research to support the idea that more people spend time being active outdoors during the warmer months. There is a sharp increase in the rate of tourists visiting Australia in warmer months, and the number of airport passengers also moves upwards. In fact, you might be surprised to learn some of the traveller numbers in Australian regional airports, such as on the Gold Coast, which sees more than 6.4 million passengers every year. Sites like this present your brand with considerable opportunity to get in front of the right people when they are most relaxed and receptive to your advertising messages.

OOH Advertising Can Both Raise Awareness and Communicate Brand Positioning For Your Business

The best outdoor media campaigns are those that tie-in some of your brand’s essence. So, how do you tell a broader brand story that captures what your business is all about? We recommend leveraging your other brand assets alongside your billboards, including website, social media platforms, email marketing and even your inbound sales team members. By adopting a multi-channel approach to your campaign, as Facebook has reported above, you’ll see better returns from your overall campaign. [For some great creative billboard tips, check this out].

How To Get Started?

If this is your first time considering outdoor advertising, you can learn more about our large network of roadside and airport sites and can even test out our unique billboard locator, which allows you to shortlist sites that interest you. Our friendly Australian team is available to help you choose the best sites and we can design creative for your campaign, so if you’re ready to get started right now with a quote, you can do that here.

Rothwell digital billboard supersite Bishopp

Bishopp Launches Moreton Bay Region’s First Digital Billboard

The whole team at Bishopp are excited to launch the first digital billboard in the Moreton Bay Region this month, which brings an exciting new vibrant outdoor advertising opportunity for local businesses to Rothwell!

The new state-of-art LED supersite is located on the busy multi-lane intersection of Deception Bay Road and Anzac Avenue, and it captures a variety of traffic entering Rothwell.

Brad Bishopp, CEO said “We are absolutely thrilled to provide local businesses with another avenue to engage with their potential customers. Digital billboards are an invaluable new resource and can also be used to promote events like the Bribie Island Triathlon Series, Redcliffe’s Festival of Sails in addition to emergency services announcements and vibrant campaigns to grow local businesses of any size”.

Located less than 6km from the heart of the busy Redcliffe CBD, this coastal corridor is a regular hotspot for locals and visitors alike, with a strong school and work commute rating. Bishopp’s Rothwell supersite currently has no additional restrictions on which brands, industries or products can be advertised.

If you would like to discuss promoting your brand on the Rothwell digital supersite or others in the area, we’d love to chat, so please contact our team.

Brisbane City Council Amber Alerts Outdoor Media Bishopp

Outdoor media to partner with Brisbane City Council on Amber Alerts

Members of the Outdoor Media Association (OMA), including Bishopp Outdoor Advertising, today announced plans for an industry-wide partnership with Brisbane City Council (BCC) to pilot the delivery of Amber Alerts for missing children on outdoor signs.

An amber alert is an important initiative that supports law enforcement in the urgent broadcasting and circulation of details about missing children or child abductions using digital signs.

“As we know the first days are crucial in finding missing children, we believe that with our network of signs broadcasting 24/7, seen by 93 per cent of Australians every day, we are in a powerful position to help locate children when they go missing or are abducted,” said Charmaine Moldrich, CEO of the OMA.

Bishopp’s Marketing Manager, Dr Dan Jess, was present for the official unveiling of the program at Brisbane City Hall in King George Square this week, alongside industry leaders and Brisbane Community, Arts and Lifestyle Chair Peter Matic, who said Brisbane City Council was proud to be working with the OMA to deliver a new and very important service to the people of Brisbane.

“We are committed to ensuring residents receive important information quickly and will be working with the Outdoor Media Association to display Amber Alerts digital signs across Brisbane,” Cr Matic said.

The announcement of the partnership between the OMA, Bishopp and BCC comes during National Missing Persons Week, running from Sunday 4 August to Saturday 10 August 2019.

Rockhampton Billboard Central Bishopp

Bishopp acquires a further 127 sites!

Bishopp is excited to announce the acquisition of Billboards Central, adding 127 assets to the company’s widespread reach across Queensland.

With the new sites located in Rockhampton and within its surrounds, this exciting update to Bishopp’s inventory strengthens the company’s presence within central Queensland. With established presence in the form of our popular Rockhampton CBD digital site, the team are confident that the new sites will contribute to its continued expansion within the area.

“It’s great to see further growth of Bishopp within the central region, close to where the business first originated in the Wide Bay”, said CEO Brad Bishopp. “It takes Bishopp’s total count to over 1000 faces, which is a huge milestone.”

Bishopp has serviced regional Queensland for 15+ years, and has always had a strong focus to support small and local businesses, as well as national brands.

Account Executive of the area Robert Latoeperissa will be orchestrating the takeover of each site and is looking forward to the next few months.

“The addition of these sites will solidify our presence within the community of Rockhampton. I’m excited to be a part of this growth within the company, and to have the opportunity to work closely with local businesses within these areas”, Robert said.

The new billboards can be found within Rockhampton, Bajool, Gracemere, Kabra, Kalapa, Lakes Creek, Midgee, Milman, Port Curtis, The Caves, The Common, Bondoola, Hidden Valley and Ironpot.

To make an enquiry about these sites or any others, please contact us here.

8 Reasons You Need A Billboard

8 Reasons You Need A Billboard

Here at Bishopp Outdoor Advertising we are passionate about billboards. We believe Out of Home (OOH) advertising is the best medium to get your brand noticed – and we’ve got some stats to prove it!

Research from Nielsen shows that 86% of people agree that OOH makes brands stand out. The OMA state 88% of people see OOH ads, and 72% can be swayed towards a product by recently viewed OOH.

Now that you’ve discovered how effective OOH is, visit our video ‘8 Rules for Effective Billboard Advertising’ for our tips on how to get the best value out of billboards for your advertising campaign.