The Executive Team

Photo of Brad Bishopp

Brad Bishopp

CEO and Managing Director

As the Managing Director/CEO and co-founder of Bishopp Outdoor Advertising, Brad is a strong advocate and representative for industry professionalism and contributions to the community. This has been demonstrated significantly through the company being a Queensland member of the Outdoor Media Association (OMA) for the past 18 years. Brad has also served on the National Board of the OMA since 2006. Bishopp has always recognised outdoor advertising as being a key contributor to local and national business growth.

Photo of Luke Franklin

Luke Franklin

Sales Director

Luke Franklin commenced with Bishopp in 2006. Luke brings over 15 years of ‘business to business’ sales and marketing experience to the Bishopp team, and is now responsible for a sales team covering the length and breadth of Queensland. Luke has a world class understanding of the out of home advertising market and is a trusted adviser to both his clients and industry partners.

Photo of Brendan Hawes

Brendan Hawes

Chief Operating Officer and CFO

Brendan is a high-level accomplished business leader with over 25 years of commercial management, strategy and product development experience. Brendan brings delivery and operational experience in various industry sectors, including outdoor advertising, commercial construction, manufacturing, and banking and finance and the pharmaceutical industry. A professional, problem solving executive and CFO, he has been successful at leveraging career experience, to enhance productivity and efficiency across various department areas.

Photo of Nick McAlpine

Nick McAlpine

Director of Strategy

Nick joined Bishopp in 2015 as a skilled government relations professional, with 10 years’ experience working in both the public and private sectors. Prior to Bishopp, Nick worked as a policy adviser to a number of public officials, including Federal Cabinet Ministers and Shadow Ministers. Most recently, he served as a senior policy adviser to two Lord Mayors of Brisbane. In this role he was heavily involved in the response to the 2011 Brisbane Floods, in the development of Council budgets and major infrastructure projects, and the landmark economic development initiatives of the Quirk Administration. He also acted as a consultant to a broad range of high profile clients in the development of public affairs campaigns, on regulatory affairs and government engagement. Nick brings his strategic and networking skills to the Bishopp team.